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My Commander Shepard armor costume project from Mass Effect

“I an creating a Commander Shepard N7 armor costume. More pics and a blog about it can be found at www.masseffectme.com”

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 26/JAN/10
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Probably not the best choice going red on red.
I'm just wondering. Ball park figure. How much do you think something like this is going to cost you?
@wastelander75 right around 500-600 dollars. maybe more. but that is because I had to go through a lot of trial and error with materials.
Are you trying to be cast as Shepard?
@dhaikage No. I just want to get some part, pretty much any part that doesn't invlove being an extra. I paid my dues in that area for a long time. Thankfully I've moved up a bit in getting work acting. I really just want to be a part of somethng that could be possibly truely Epic.
I think Matthew Fox fits Shep's look well, if they ever did a live action movie.
@wastelander75 hmmm....I hate to say this but I don't like Matthew Fox at all. He may kind of look like Comm Shep but I don't think he could lead a squad of anyone to anything. Excpet maybe all to thier deaths. This is not a popular opinion but I have to say it. Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to make the movie and it is currently in pre-production so I'm pretty sure they are on the way to actallu making it. They are making Lost Planet right now and then Uncharted. When they finish with those then this movie is supposed to start going into production. Should be interesting to see if it actually happens.
@masseffectme Why not Matthew Fox? :/
@masseffectme I think you should make more nondescript armor. People see N7 and the most immediate conclusion is "Shepard". Actually, I would say make the Light Phoenix Armor but you're already so far along.
@AndyO Whenever I think of him all I can see is a big Party of Five puss. Even when he was is Lost he was a big whiney baby about everything. I just can't picture him carrying an assault rifle saving the universe. Unless he was to do it while crying about something. "Oh the collectors are abducting and killing humans? Let's try talking to them about it..." There is just a certain commanding, respect inducing, bad ass attitude that he is missing. It's not just about looking like the character it's about making a believable one. He can't do that. Blech.
@dhaikage For me there is a divergence in who I would like to be in the movie and who I like to portray at things like PAX and Cons. When I get to go to events I like to dress as the person I play in the game. So that would be my Fem Shep. If I were ever to get a chance to get into the movie I wouldn't expect that I could have a shot at Shepard. So I have the chance to play her somewhere else.
I would personally like it if the movie didn't have Shepard in it at all, as he would look wrong and make different decisions as we made in the game. (he may even be the wrong sex!) One of the things that made ME so good was having your own unique experience with it, from whether you were xenophobic and hostile in opposed to diplomatic and personable all the way down to how you fought and the decisions you made. I doubt the studio has the balls to let Karpyshyn write an original narrative, so instead allow me to present my choice for Shepard. But all kidding aside, a Channing Tatum or a Wentwort Miller could work. Though it will inevitably be Sam Worthington.
Also, if Drew Karpyshyn doesn't have a writing credit on this I will fucking KILL someone.
@dhaikage I agree with the decision making aspect of it. My personalization of the game is what makes me so invested in it. Of course they are going to choose the wrong sex! It should be a female Shepard like Rhona Mitra. But not only are the studios going to shy away from giving us the strong female lead (think Aliens here) but they will inevitebly crew up something within the script. They always do. However, there is the remote chance that they chould let the writers have their way with it and give us an Epic story that could be as amazing and capture the attention of a generation. That is the reason I want to be a part of it.
@masseffectme Wow, if you say so... But any suggestion on who could be the 'perfect' Shepard? I would like to see how Freddie Prinze Jr. becomes the first human Spectre... :D
@AndyO I havn't been able to decide on a male Shepard. Maybe someday someone will just strike me as the right one. So far nada. Got a few for a female Shepard but the likelyhood of that is about as much as me getting cast in the role. So I will continue to wait for the right one...
@masseffectme I agree about Rhona Mitra ;)
@AndyO That's just it. Aren't you paying attention? There can be NO perfect Shepard. Everyone's Shepard is different and the is no way to resolve it. My Sheila Shepard is a Paragon Female Infiltrator with dark skin, striking green eyes, and a preference to solving problems before they start by casually sniping everyone. She caused Saren and Martiach to see the errors of there ways and kill themselves. She freed the Rachni Queen but was unable to save the people of Zhu's Hope. . Asher Shepard, on the other hand, choses to solve his problems by killing everyone involved. He can and will massacre anyone who get in his way and trusts no one. It you wrong him, you die. You shoot at him. You die. If it might be amusing, you die for his pleasure. He loves to be personal with his kills and prefers a shotgun.

Two completely opposite characters. I'd much rather they keep Shepard out of the movie entirely. Kahlee Saunders is a wonderful protagonist.
@dhaikage I'm pretty sure there is a 'perfect Shepard', so calm the f*** down ;)
@AndyO The disparity of human individuality insures that being impossible.
@dhaikage ...really...
@AndyO YA RLY.
Also it would seem I need to fucking kill someone, as Mr. Karpyshyn has naught to do with the film.
Well here's a kick in the pants for ya. They are also trying to make an Everquest movie. Hmmm, think this one is going to have problems? How the hell do you write that one up.
@masseffectme Easily. EQ is about the world politics, not about a single character. Adapting an MMO is far easier because the player surrogate is not specifically you. You would only have that sense of cognitive dissonance if they portray a character with your username, that looked like your character, but did things you'd have never done. Same rules apply for the WoW movie, but more so as Warcraft has a stronger backstory.
ok so Matthew Fox is out.

What about Karl Urban?
@wastelander75 That's getting better. At least he doesn't make me want to vomit every time I see him on screen.
or oh oh. I got it!!! It's so damned perfect!! I don't know HOW I missed this.

Stephen Colbert as Commander Shepard....ooooh yeah baby.
@wastelander75 now that's a movie I woudl watch!!
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